Why I Want To Represent Kawana

Kawana is my home, even after a 20 year absence during my military service. Our house in Buddina was my sanctuary when I was fortunate enough to return home on leave. Numerous times I would bring fellow servicemen and servicewomen home with me to enjoy the sanctuary from military life that it would offer. We also enjoyed the Mooloolaba strip of nightclubs!

  The Sunny Coast also offered my Grandmother and Mother the lifestyle they deserved after working hard in rural New South Wales. I attended Buddina State School and then Kawana High where I made lifelong friends. The beach, Point Cartwright and La Balsa Park were my playgrounds; natural wonders that bring me as much joy now that I am in my 40s that they did when I was 10. It is a pleasure to enjoy them with my children.  

My military career came to an end that I did not plan due to injuries sustained during operational service. No longer being able to serve my country, I seek to serve my home. The landscape has changed but the vibe of my childhood home hasn’t. Beyond the extra buildings, shopping centres, endless traffic and population boom, I can still sit at the top of Point Cartwright and breathe that same breath of air that I did over 30 years ago.   

Kawana is my home, it is my sanctuary and I am fortunate enough to see my two children taking the same journey I did. From an aspiring politician’s point of view, I believe the area has played second fiddle to other Queensland areas that have ‘minority seats’. It is time to fight for what my ‘home’ deserves, and I feel privileged to be in a position to stick my hand up in an effort to represent Kawana in the next Queensland parliament.  JD.