My Background

I’m the son of a single and (hopefully) an enormously proud mother. I grew up in Buddina attending Buddina State School and then Kawana High. Along with a few local mates, I decided to join the Navy, where I served for over 20 years. During my service, I saw Active and Operational service in East Timor, the Solomon Islands and many years of service on Border Protection operations in Northern Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Overall I enjoyed my time in the Navy and the mates you make are mates for life. You place your safety and welfare in their hands and these bonds last forever. My final duty in the Navy was probably my most rewarding, when I was selected to lead a military team in the mentoring and development of young First Australians that were pursuing a career in the Defence Forces. I was also fortunate enough to be selected to attend the Royal Australian Naval College and undertake sponsored study in the areas of policing and counterterrorism.

I left the Navy due to both physical and mental injuries sustained over my years of service and I am classed as an Incapacitated Veteran. Nowadays, I do my best to contribute to the wider community in my role as a Justice of the Peace and assisting other Veterans. I am married to Wendy and have two teenagers who attend high school on the Sunny Coast. Teenagers; I think I am now subject to Karma! I love them both to death however and there is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for them. After many years it is great to be back on the Sunny Coast.